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Skanzen Chanovice

Skanzen Chanovice

On the overlapping area of the Klatovy, Pilsen - South and Strakonice, lies the village of Chanovice. In 1994 it became the spot of building a regional museum of folk architecture.

The exhibition of folk architecture is divided into five parts: 1) Homestead entry 2) Asmallholding 3) Freeholder´s estate 4) Cottage of the forestry manager 5) Central part of the premises The museum contains several other small buildings. There is a column niche chapel at the entrance to the museum with an iron cross from 1863, a forged cross on a granite base from 1848 and a reconciliation cross.

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Phone+420 376 323 525
Skanzen Chanovice Chanovice 133 341 01 Horažďovice

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Skanzen Chanovice